Marie Paulyn and Annie M.

Marie Paulyn and Annie M.

Annie Mandlsohn is a Certified Yoga Instructor and has been practising yoga for over 40 years. She has studied with many well known and respected yoga teachers, including Franz Achatz, who brought yoga to Canada, Lila Ostermann, Joyce Hawkeye, and Swami Rama at the Himalayan Institute. She has studied hatha and raja yoga with Marie Paulyn for 30 years, becoming her assistant in 1990 in the Yoga Teacher Training Program for several years. The students from this program are teaching yoga across Canada and internationally.

Annie honours the legacy of her teachers for introducing her to the practise of yoga, particularly musician and metaphysical teacher Peter Hindrichs, who was the first to introduce her to the practise of yoga and yoga philosophy.

Yoga Teacher Training Program Marie Paulyn and Annie M.

Yoga Teacher Training Program Marie Paulyn and Annie M.

OmAnnie has been teaching yoga to individuals and groups for 30 years. Emphasizing the psychological and spiritual benefits of yoga as well as fitness, she has taught at the Granite Club, Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Primrose Club, Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, BNR Club, Elmwood Club, CIBC, Ontario Hydro, Midland YMCA, Muskoka Sands Resort, as well as private and group classes.

Currently, she teaches in Toronto and the Georgian Bay area.


You are the architect of your own life.” Swami Rama

Yoga is not a pill you take to feel better. It is a way of life.” Lila Ostermann

Affiliations: Federation of Ontario Yoga Teachers, Yoga Network of Canada.

Annie Graduating with Yoga Teaching Certificate with Marie Paulyn

Marie Paulyn and Annie M. Yoga Teacher Certificate