Tipi. Acrylic on Canvas, 1990.

For over 30 years, Annie has exhibited her art across Canada. Her work is in private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe, and archived in several Canadian Artist-run Centres. Her opening exhibition was at A Space in Toronto in 1977. Annie is a graduate of Concordia University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Montreal with an Honours B.F.A. Degree in visual arts and music, with distinction conferred. She is a recipient of grants from the Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council in visual arts, education, communications and video. She holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto, and studied in the doctoral program at York in Sociology and Social and Political Thought. Her teaching has  included Sociology, Communications  and Social Science at York, as well as teaching Sculpture and Mixed-Media at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Her work has been featured in the Canada Council Guest Artist Series.

Her travels have taken her across Canada and the United States, Europe and Japan, and she has lived and worked in urban, rural and remote regions of Canada, including James Bay, Peace River, and Slave Lake districts. She once hitchhiked the Mackenzie Highway from the 60th parallel in subzero temperatures in winter. The beauty of nature and the spirit and power of landscape are reflected in her work.

Annie studied art with Irene Whittome, Guido Molinari and Yves Gaucher at Concordia, and apprenticed in sculpture with David Rabinowitch, Mia Westerlund and Colette Whiten. She has consulted with native and women’s groups and organizations, contributing to social projects, adult education, literacy, healthcare training, student services and cultural programs.

Annie has recently been published in Canadian poetry anthologies, and her writing has been included in international academic journals and the textbook Canadian Woman Studies. Her art has been favourably reviewed by Chatelaine Magazine, the Globe and Mail, Artscanada, CITY-TV City-Pulse Art News, Vanguard, the Ottawa Revue, cultural magazines and art gallery publications.

Selected reviews and quotes about Annie’s exhibitions:

Women’s Work: Meet Eight Vanguard Artists

Anne Mandlsohn: A passion for translating the hidden language of
stone, wood, sea and sand
Marjorie Harris

SAW Gallery, Solo Exhibition

Her conceptual images…show some finely constructed and
innovative work. One must first realize Mandlsohn’s great affinity for
nature. The love of wood, earth, and natural objects, as well
as the artist’s sense of history, raise Mandlsohn’s work to a rather
high and quite sensitive level. The images she has designed
convey an inner, sublime landscape… Mandlsohn’s sense of
history transcends both objects and people, and her conceptual
Ideas Across Canada has given us a theme to capture her
sensitive, sublime art forms
Donna Isaac-Gelfand
Ottawa Revue

“Ma capacite d’aimer est proportionnelle a mon authenticiter”

A Space Gallery, Group Exhibition

One of the most inventive new exhibitions to be found in Toronto
this week is Off The Wall, an investigation of sculptural forms by
five artists at A Space. The quality of work in this show is beyond
reproach…each of the artists is so accomplished that it seems
unfair to single one out for special attention
Sculptural Forms
The Globe and Mail

Female Spirituality Conference, York University Art Gallery,
Group Exhibition

Many, many thanks for sharing your art with us. It provides the
‘soul’ and energy for this conference
Nancy Mandell
Conference Coordinator

“Keep sending the messages life to life”
Veronica C.

Framemaker Gallery, Solo Exhibition

Like a hidden chakra in a labyrinthian city…shrouded in creativity and anonymous intrigue.”

“Your work and your soul so closely connected.”
Diane K.

Gallery 555

“Thank you for sharing yourself so unabashedly in your artwork. For me it was a piece of heaven.”
Connie C.

Daily Perk Gallery, Solo Exhibition

Unlike anything I’ve seen.”
Jay Neilson

Gallery Chez Nous, Solo Exhibition

Je suis entrée par hasard dans cet endroit sympa et au mur il y
avait des morceaux de rêve…dans lesquels je me suis glissée
Véronique Lanève

Saw Gallery, Solo Exhibition
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