12 MOONS Winter Solstice at Somewhere There Music Gallery in Toronto, December 2011

Art by Annie Mandlsohn, Poetry by Ellen S. Jaffe, Music by Cheryl Ockrant

Through good fortune, synchronicity, or serendipity, the presentation of “Twelve Moons” poetry by Ellen S.Jaffe and art by Annie Mandlsohn takes place on the eve of the Winter Solstice, the longest night and shortest day of the year. Although solstice refers to the position of the Sun, the Moon is also an important element in the sky and many cultures have used Lunar calendars to show the cycle of the months and seasons. The Moon regulates the tides, and is also important for navigation, planting, and women’s life-cycles. In this poetry-and-art cycle, each Moon symbolizes a different month. Annie Mandlsohn’s paintings on deerskin and Ellen Jaffe’s poems guide us through light and darkness, hunger and feasting, cold and heat. Journey with us through the year, beginning in January and ending in December on the longest night — a time to celebrate, tell stories, and renew our own light and the light of the world.

Annie’s 12 Moons are named after the months of the year starting with January: Moon of Snow, Moon of Hunger, Moon of Big Winds, Moon of Melting, Moon of Roses, Moon of Strawberries, Moon of Heat, Moon of Thunder, Moon of Birds Flying, Moon of Harvest, Moon of Initiation and Moon of the Longest Night.

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