Shapes of the Soul

From out of the west a summer wind
Spins spiral shapes across the sand
Below the waves flows an undertow
Of restless dreams, a cooler front
From out of the north awakens the trees

A candle burns and disappears
Stars are breathing

Smoke signals pass over rivers and plains
Through time zones and dimensions lost
From where you were to where you are
From out of the south, urban sounds
Magnetic currents and electric wires
Cross and recross

From out of the east I descend to earth
Sunrays burn across the sky
And slip into the lake
Moonlight whispers
Through windswept curtains

The unconscious knows no time nor space
But drifts untethered, vibrating spiral bone
With infinite range and sacred pulse
Floating on the wake of the waves

copyright 2010 A. Mandlsohn